Have you seen PTM University?

Let’s admit it, presenting or presiding in front of a group of people is hard enough, but a lack of familiarity with what are you are doing is an anxiety multiplier!

If only there was some way to learn more about the things we do here at Plantation Toastmasters ahead of time… Oh! …There is!

Take a look at PTM University, right here on PlantationToastmasters.com!

And, over the years, we have worked on developing a relatively comprehensive Member Guide. There are incomplete parts of it, for sure, but on the whole, it’s a great way for you to really familiarize yourself with the Toastmasters experience.

Interested in contributing content to this project? Noticed an error/omission in the content? Please let Nick know (or if you don’t have his email, you can use the Contact Form).

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