New Member?

Welcome to Plantation Toastmasters!

Starting anything new can be overwhelming! We hope this page will help as you become acquainted with our club.

…and if you’re a potential guest just trying to figure out what this Toastmasters thing is all about, we hope listing this page publicly helps you in your due diligence. However, to truly understand what this is all about, you should really stop by one of our meetings, where guests are welcome at no charge…

Now, back to the new member guide…

Take a Breath!

This is a self-guided program. We want you to succeed, and you are helping keep our Toastmaster’s experience fresh and interesting with your new perspectives, talents, and interests, but don’t feel like you need to take this all in at once.

Stop Breathing and Sign-up!

However, this program only works for you if you start involving yourself. We all have different comfort levels, so do what feels right for you. Signup to give the invocation or to act as the vote counter—basically roles that are easy to prepare for. As you grow accustomed to the group and format over the course of a couple of weeks, signup to give your first speech. You’ll feel happy that you did!

If you are wondering how to sign-up. Roles can be signed up in a few ways:

  • Soon, if not already, you will be welcomed into ClubKeeper, which is a custom website for managing signups for our club meetings. Once you log in, click on the meeting date you would like to signup for on the menu on the left.
  • You can also signup at our meetings.
  • You can contact the Vice President of Education:
  • Worst case scenario, fill out the contact form, and we’ll get you situated.

Ask for a Mentor!

New members are connected with more experienced members to learn the program and get started. We can connect you with someone, or you may ask any member to mentor you yourself. Even experienced members work with mentors!

Get Social!  Connect with us…

Join Division B’s Facebook Page. Note, this is a “closed” group only Toastmasters members are accepted into.
Division B is the Central and Northern Broward County Toastmasters clubs.

Join District 47’s Facebook Page. Note, this is a “closed” group only Toastmasters members are accepted into. District 47 covers clubs in Southeast Florida and the Island of the Bahamas.

Visit District 47’s Website PageMeet District 47 Leadership. Learn about the upcoming training, workshops, and events through the district’s calendar. Find out about the resources, contests, or the district’s initiatives. Want to become a volunteer? Learn about the different roles available at the District Level. 

Fun + Recognition = Growth!

Learn About Toastmastering

Learn more about being a Toastmaster in our club at PTM University.