Membership Info

Below is information visitors commonly asked about our club:


  • Our dues to renew are $66 every six months, due in October and April.
  • New member dues are prorated according to the month you join.
  • As totaled* in the table below, new members pay:
    • $20 one time new member fee to Toastmasters International.
    • $20 one time club fee (this fee currently suspended)
  • New members are given access to a Toastmasters Pathways Learning Experience path, a Toastmasters Pin, and a mentor.
  • We accept Credit Card, a Check made out to “Plantation Toastmasters” or Cash.
Membership Fees to Join Plantation Toastmasters
 Month Membership Begins Total*
(this includes new member fees)
April $86.00
May $75.00
June $64.00
July $53.00
August $42.00
September $31.00
October $86.00
November $75.00
December $64.00
January $53.00
February $42.00
March $31.00

Please note, renewing members do not pay Toastmasters International New Member fee.
Renewing or transfer members who have never been part of Plantation Toastmasters before must pay the Club New Member fee.

Ready to Join?

  • You can download the membership application here. Just fill in your personal information (either digitally or print and fill in by hand) and bring it to the next meeting you attend. We’ll fill in the details you don’t know…don’t sweat it!