We’re in Division A, Area 10 Now!

Fellow Toastmasters,

As your IPAD, it is my pleasure to announce some exciting changes for Plantation Toastmasters,

Following a process Toastmasters International calls realignment, Plantation Toastmasters is now part of Division A, Area A10!

A lot of variables go into the realignment process (Geographic proximity to other clubs, the ability of an area director to effectively provide service, club size and strength, prospective clubs and expected growth, and the likelihood of eligibility for Distinguished programs). This happens periodically and is a normal part of Toastmasters club operations.

What are the ramifications of this move?

There are really two items that directly affect the club itself, and the impact is minimal for the first.


Trainings are geographic now, so officers are still encouraged to attend the Broward TLI training on August 5th as a club. This has not changed (though if there are scheduling conflicts, other trainings can be attended for officer credit). TLI schedule is here.


We are now competing against a new set of Toastmasters in Area 10, and then in Division A.

What other clubs are in our Area now?

This graphic below shows the full Division A alignment:

The full lineup of club alignments can be seen here.

Who are our new Area and Division Directors?

The Upshot

This is exciting news! This organization continues to offer us great opportunities to meet and work with new people in new environments.

We also can enjoy new contest dynamics in the fall and spring…here is a fair warning to Area A10 and Division A: Plantation Toasmasters is a force to reckon with! Can’t wait for the fun!

Congratulations Plantation Toastmasters on this exciting move! Please join me in offering all the support we can to our new District Officers in all the things they do for us.

-Nicholas Smith, ACS, ALB, Immediate Past Area 23 Director

3 thoughts on “We’re in Division A, Area 10 Now!

  1. New Website for Plantation Toastmasters really changes the dynamics of the news spread. Thanks Nick for your devotion!

  2. I am excited about the realignment and the prospects for new opportunities. Keep up the great work Nick!

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